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Choose something to read that you're interested in, and that isn't too difficult for you to understand.

Collect new or interesting words and phrases, or just read for pleasure!

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Improve your reading skills here, with the British Council, and with the BBC

Practice reading comprehension - generally, and for exams.

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Read a fashion magazine: Elle, Vogue or Grazia

Read a men's magazine: Men's Health or Car or Fishing news

Sport magazine, and sport news.

Read a celebrity gossip magazine: Heat or Popbitch

Online news - from the BBC, Reuters and CNN

British newspapers: The Guardian , The Mirror, The Financial Times.

Read in English!

Vocabulary is key to better reading.

Tips for improving your vocabulary.

Practice here.

Test yourself.

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The NME - UK music magazine.

Spin - US music magazine.

Read a poem.

Read e-books for free.

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Read an interactive digital novel

Budget travel magazine.

Read about travel with National Geographic.

Recommended new books from Waterstone's bookshop. can do it in English! Click here to listen in English
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