Learn English on Twitter

twitter2There are lots of different things you can use to help you learn English, and Twitter might be something that suits you!

First of all, you need to know how to use Twitter. Try this video – and enjoy the chance to practise your listening skills!twitter3

If you’d rather read about how to get started, try this guide with pictures, next, here’s a beginner guide to Twitter, for a more in depth introduction to using Twitter, try this digital media company’s set up guide.

Once you’re ready to improve your English with Twitter, here are five accounts you might like to follow. The best ones – I think! – are Learn English British Council,  BBC Learning English,  and Voice of America Learning English.

twitter4And when you’re ready to start tweeting your own sentences. try this handy advice! Here’s a great idea – look out for English mistakes and correct them, just like this group of young Brazilian English students did. Don’t forget to always be polite though!

Good luck – and happy tweeting!


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Improve your listening

listeningIf you’ve been learning English for some time, you have probably worked hard on your language listening skills – and you probably still struggle to understand everything you listen to!

Something to remember is that sometimes it’s difficult to listen effectively in your own language, and that good listening skills can be learnt.


MindTools website has advice on active listening, and is aimed at people at work. Forbes magazine has more tips on better listening. Listen and read listening2at the same time to the article on Quick and Dirty Tips for better listening – the link to listen is in the top right of the page – just above the video.


And when you want to go back to straightforward English language listening skills – there’s lots here at LearnEnglishDE

Good luck!listening3


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Have you meditated yet?

meditation3 Do you know about all the benefits of meditating? Do a little bit of investigation (in English), and you’ll find that if you meditate regularly, you should enjoy better physical and emotional health. Test your stress levels online – if you’re stressed, meditation can help. Most importantly for language learners, you should notice better memory!

There are different kinds of meditation. If you are in the UK, you might have heard of meditationMindfulness – the Mental Health Foundation are promoting it. You might also have heard of Headspace – the online app that will help you meditate. This article describes different kinds of meditation.

Once you’ve decided to try meditation, here are some tips to help you. Next, have a look at this Buddhist website – watch the videos,

and read about meditation with loving kindness.

meditation2Good luck – and enjoy your meditation!



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Go to York!

york3Have you been to York? It’s in the north of England, and it’s a great place for a visit. It’s a small city, it’s easy to get around – and it’s easy to get there by train. York is famous for history, and it’s also a good shopping destination.

If you’re planning a visit, start at the official tourist website and look at the ‘Must See Attractions’. Next, you’ll need accommodation – again the official Visit York website can help – with hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and cheaper hostels.

A brilliant free attraction is the Railway Museum – over a million objects and three hundred years of history – including trains from the past like the Mallard, and right up to date a Japanese bullet train, a Shinkansen!

yorkYork Minster is many things – an imposing cathedral, a place to see stunning stained glass windows, a tower to climb and a museum of Roman timesyork2






One of York’s most famous attractions is the Jorvik Viking Centre, which tells the story of Viking York around 1,000 years ago. Part of your visit includes a ride where you travel through a Viking village where you can smell the smells of the time!

And the shopping? York has narrow medieval streets lined with independent shopsyork4, lots of antique shops and even a designer outlet nearby.

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Who lives the longest?

oldest3 Have a look at these amazing but depressing maps – see what people in different countries are most likely to die of! There are lots of other interesting facts about life expectancy here.

Where should you move to to have the best chance of living longer? Read the article. You might be interested in this more indepth article about life on the Greek island of Ikaria, which has a higher than average life expectancy. If you can’t move country, you can change your lifestyle. Read the advice. If you live in the UK, you’ll find the advice in this article helpful. Maybe you are already doing lots of things that will help you live longer – check here.

Woldest2hat do people who have lived a long time say? What are the secrets to their long lives?

One project that will help improve your language skills is to complete the form here to calculate your life expectancy. You’ll need to find the meanings of any unknown words, and find out the information required as well. Good luck!oldest


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House rules – modal verbs

rules3 First of all, check your grammar – review the use of modal verbs for obligation, and next test yourself here.

If you rent a room in your home to a lodger, or you need some writing practice, you might like to create your own legally-binding set of house rules – go to the legal site Rocket Lawyer!






If you have children in your home, have you got rules for them? Supernanny is a TV series about a nanny who goes and stays in homes where families are having problems with discipline. The nanny imposes some rules and teaches the parents how to enforce the rules. Watch the clip of Supernanny in action. Listen for modal verbs.

rulesHave you ever shared your home with a teenager? Or have you ever been one? Or do you plan to have teenagers living in your home at any point? You may well find this site useful – it suggests a number of house rules for teenagers!

Instead of a teenager at home, you might prefer to have a dog – they need rules too! – check out these rules for dogs!

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Becoming an Adult

adultWhen we talk about becoming an adult, what do we mean? Is it the legal aspects of being an adult, or the emotional and psychological aspects? How do we know when we have crossed into adulthood?

Practice your reading skills on this topic.

adult4Are you an adult when you can legally vote? Is it when you can legally drink alcohol? Is it when you can legally drive a car? Or is it when you can legally marry? Or is it when you can legally work? Have a look at this study into different family structures around the world – does being an adult have something to do with where you are in your family structure?

adult5The Psychology Today blog has an article about being an adult emotionally – have a look and see if you agree.

Are there any rituals that you go through that make you an adult in your culture? BBC has a few videos of rituals around the world, and you can read about lots of other rituals here.

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Going camping

camping3Camping is a great cheap holiday – but you do need certain equipment and knowledge! Wherever you are planning to go camping, use your language skills to check you have everything you need.

You’ll need stuff! There’s a print out list for you to check off as you pack here. For vocabulary you don’t know, look for a picture of the item at the Go Outdoors website.

Here’s a handy list of advice for campers – especially useful if you’re going camping in America. More tips for first time campers in the States are here. Do you know what PB&J sandwiches are? Peanut butter and jelly – and jelly is what Americans call jam! If you want to avoid disaster (I expect you do!), this article addresses ten common mistakes first time campers often make!

camping2 You’ll need a destination! The Guardian has a list of the best beach campsites in the world, Bustle has a list of 25 campsites they want to go to, and Budget Traveller has a list of 27 spectacular campsites! I’d recommend camping in Scotland – you need to make sure you are prepared for all weathers – but the scenery is beautiful, the local people very hospitable, and there are no grizzly bears! Visit Scotland – the official tourist site – introduces camping in Scotland, and Scottish Camping has a directory of campsites. One of the many wonderful things about Scotland is that you are legally allowed to wild camp – to camp in a wild place, not only in campsites! You need to be aware of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code – check it out here, and when you’re ready to choose a destination, James Carron suggests his perfect places.



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Survival English!

survive3For teachers: there is lots of help online for teaching survival English. Somewhere with lots of ready to go activities is Boggles World.

For learners: try this Survival English set of activities, next, test yourself here!

If you’re coming to London for the first time, this blog might help you – and also read this post warning you to expect plenty of other people!

If you’re just starting university, here’s some advice from The Guardian.

You’ll need a good dictionary to help you: check out this review of six major learner’s dictionaries.

Your dictionary is your main survival tool – but here’s a suggestion for more survival tools!

survive2 And if surviving in English gets all too much, head to National Geographic for instructions on how to survive a wide range of catastrophes and disasters! survive


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The Deepest of the Deep!

deepestHere is more practice of your comparatives and superlatives!

What animals live in the deepest oceans? Some of them are pretty strange! Play this game to find out more about the sea creatures – use your language skills to follow the instructions, then watch a TED talk about the deepest parts of the sea. Remember, choose English subtitles to help you listen.

Watch this trailer for a documentary, Ddeepest3eep Sea Challenge, about travelling down into the Mariana Trench. Don’t forget, you can use subtitles if you find the language difficult.

Find out all about the Mariana Trench before you watch.

If the Mariana Trench is too deep for you, perhaps the world’s deepest swimming pool might suit you?


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