Do it in English


To make the most of your English skills, you need to practise.

Remember practice makes perfect!

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Whatever you want to do...

Practise your Reading:

Think about why you want to read in English. Do you read for information, or for pleasure, or for a different reason?

Think about how your reading in English can improve your English - especially your vocabulary and grammar.

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Click, Download and Print the PDF files and practise your English.

You'll find all different levels of practice, and all kinds of different aspects of English to practise.

Good luck!

Whatever you want to do...

Practise your Listening:

At first, listening to English can be daunting. Find things you can listen to again and again. Each time you listen, you'll catch a little bit more. If possible, read and listen at the same time. And then read the text aloud yourself.


Practise your Speaking:

It can be hard to find a way to practise your speaking if you aren't in an English speaking country. How are you going to overcome this?

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If you can find a study partner, you will improve more quickly, but you can also work alone for success.

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Practise your Writing:

What do you want to write in English? To be a good writer, you need to focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation and style. When you read something you admire, collect it and analyse the way it is written.

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