Writing your research question

research questionIf you’re writing a Master’s dissertation this year, one of your first steps is to decide on, and write, your research question, or questions.

Essentially this is the question you are going to attempt to answer in your dissertation. So, ideally it will be a question you actually care about answering. It should also be a question with quite a narrow focus. For example, the question “What’s the best way to learn English?’ might be too wide, but the question “What factors can help 4-5 year olds speak English with more intelligible pronunciation?” might be more realistic.

There is lots of help online:

The Writing Centre takes you through the basics, as does this guide from a United States university. Queensland University have a guide here that explains how your research question fits into the dissertation as a whole.

There’s a useful video here at the University of Birmingham.

And why not practise your academic reading at the same time – try this guide from Yale University!

Good luck!

studysmallThere are other useful links to help with your academic study here: www.DoitinEnglish.com/study


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