Who lives the longest?

oldest3 Have a look at these amazing but depressing maps – see what people in different countries are most likely to die of! There are lots of other interesting facts about life expectancy here.

Where should you move to to have the best chance of living longer? Read the article. You might be interested in this more indepth article about life on the Greek island of Ikaria, which has a higher than average life expectancy. If you can’t move country, you can change your lifestyle. Read the advice. If you live in the UK, you’ll find the advice in this article helpful. Maybe you are already doing lots of things that will help you live longer – check here.

Woldest2hat do people who have lived a long time say? What are the secrets to their long lives?

One project that will help improve your language skills is to complete the form here to calculate your life expectancy. You’ll need to find the meanings of any unknown words, and find out the information required as well. Good luck!oldest


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