The story of The Jam

the jam 2Have you heard of The Jam? Find out more about this British group – and improve your reading skills.

Read the story of The Jam here, and then tell a friend or study partner about the group.

See their discography here: are there any songs you recognise?

Watch this documentary about how they made the album All Mod Cons here:

Read their song lyrics, a lot of the songs tell stories. Try ‘Down in the Tube Station at Midnight’.

the jamDo you understand what the lyrics mean? Check – and join in the discussions! What did the songs mean to you? Find out what everyone else thinks? Why not ask a question?

And now test your understanding of the lyrics here – just like a reading comprehension test!

Fill in any gaps in your knowledge here – is there anything else you want to learn about The Jam?

Watch The Jam in concert here:


the jam 3

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