The highest of the high!

First, get your grammar right: revise the basics of comparatives and superlatives

mountain3 and then check your irregular comparatives and superlatives here.

Check the Guinness Book of Records for the highest mountains. Next, delve a little deeper with geologists – is Mount Everest really the highest? on DVD, iTunes, Netflix: This documentary that us takes on a motorcycle journey through the Himalayas of India over the highest motorable road in the world, and follows a daredevil yogi leading seven Americans to make decisions about life and death while traversing steep, icy cliffs and the chaos of India’s “road killer” traffic.

moutain2Carrying a prophecy of death in his late twenties, their Yogi leader Anand Mehrotra inspires us to question what it means to truly live and pushes them to the limits of his teachings: “Only the one who dies, truly lives“. ”

Are you planning to climb a mountain today? Check this comic strip for advice!mountain

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