The, a/an or nothing?

the a nothing2

Articles! You first meet them early on in your learning English career, and they never go away, do they? Even the most advanced learners can still struggle with articles, so don’t worry if you are struggling too.

One thing you can do is pay attention to articles – especially when you’re reading. Look out for the nouns – do they have articles? The, a/an or no article? And what’s the reason?

Next, copy and paste some English text into a Word document. Use the ‘Find and Replace’ feature: ask the word processor to find all the ‘the’s, and then delete them. Later on, read the text again, and try and replace the ‘the’s. Check the original text. Where were you correct? What should you feel confident about? Where did you go wrong? Why?

Elementary/Low Intermediate practice… and some more.

Intermediate grammar reference.

Upper intermediate grammar reference and practice.

Advanced learners – grammar reference here, or have a look at this advice for teachers.

And more practice
the a nothing than you could ever need!

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