Test your vocabulary

vocabularySunday* is a good time to test your vocabulary. So, here are some tests you might find helpful. After you’ve taken a test, make sure you have a record of some words you don’t know so you can find out the meaning and remember them. Make sure you use these new words this week.

If you’d like to start by thinking of the words you do know (instead of the words you don’t), start here.

You can find more traditional tests here – and this site has tests designed for specific first language speakers.

Academic English users can test your knowledge of the Academic Word List here.

Look at the picture, choose the right word here, with some visual vocabulary tests. Look around this site after you’ve tried the visual vocabulary tests – there are some interesting things to try, and you’ll find that the better you do, the more difficult the questions become!

This site is really ugly – but does contain some really good vocabulary tests! Ignore the appearance and find out what level your vocabulary is at. It’s a great place to work on your spelling as well.

More ideas for improving your vocabulary are here – www.DoitinEnglish.com



Good luck!

(*in fact every day is a good day to test your vocabulary)

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