Talking about the future

future2 You probably know all about using ‘going to’ to talk about something you intend to do, and using present continuous to talk about fixed arrangements or plans. Here’s a chance to have a look at all the different ways you can use to talk about the future in English.

future3Check the British Council for an overview of verb tenses to use. Test yourself!  Make sure you have integrated your future tenses with all the other ones – compare your future tenses with your other tenses.

Read this blogpost – it’s written by a young American woman whose partner is a soldier. She writes about their future – conversations and plans they have for their joint future. The spelling and grammar isn’t perfect – but she is a native English speaker! While you’re reading, make a note of the different verbs and verb tenses she uses to talk about the future.

Are you good at predicting the future? Could you be a super-forecaster? Read this article, and find out!

A great way to consolidate your learning is to use the language. Have you got a study partner you could practise your English with? Talk about the future together.future

And now you’ve done all that hard work – here’s a fun short film all about how we might talk in the future!

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