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Be happy (and practise your English!)

First of all, learn the words to the Pharrell song, Happy, and sing it to your friends, family and study partners. Next, here is a list of things you must do to be happy. Do them! When you have finished … Continue reading

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Hot English – free lessons for you

Hot English is an online magazine produced by a company based in Spain. It’s aimed at young(er) learners who want to improve their general English. Something you might like to do is subscribe to their monthly newsletter. It’s free, and … Continue reading

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Test your vocabulary

Sunday* is a good time to test your vocabulary. So, here are some tests you might find helpful. After you’ve taken a test, make sure you have a record of some words you don’t know so you can find out … Continue reading

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Reach your potential this Sunday!

Whatever you do, new ideas or inspiration can often be helpful. Here’s a site that might help you …. Reach your potential! …. And be useful reading practice too! On this website, you can read about two different styles of … Continue reading

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