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Improve your listening

If you’ve been learning English for some time, you have probably worked hard on your language listening skills – and you probably still struggle to understand everything you listen to! Something to remember is that sometimes it’s difficult to listen … Continue reading

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Have you meditated yet?

Do you know about all the benefits of meditating? Do a little bit of investigation (in English), and you’ll find that if you meditate regularly, you should enjoy better physical and emotional health. Test your stress levels online – if … Continue reading

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Who lives the longest?

Have a look at these amazing but depressing maps – see what people in different countries are most likely to die of! There are lots of other interesting facts about life expectancy here. Where should you move to to have … Continue reading

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Becoming an Adult

When we talk about becoming an adult, what do we mean? Is it the legal aspects of being an adult, or the emotional and psychological aspects? How do we know when we have crossed into adulthood? Practice your reading skills … Continue reading

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Going camping

Camping is a great cheap holiday – but you do need certain equipment and knowledge! Wherever you are planning to go camping, use your language skills to check you have everything you need. You’ll need stuff! There’s a print out … Continue reading

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Survival skills (and modal verbs)

First, review modal verbs  – today you’ll need them to talk about ability, permission and instructions. The modal verbs are can, could, may, might, shall, should, will and would. We use can to talk about someone’s skill or general abilities: … Continue reading

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Finished your Masters?

First of all, congratulations! You’ve worked very hard and probably can’t really believe it is all over! Make sure you spend some time celebrating and congratulating yourself on all your hard work. Well done! What next? You might want some … Continue reading

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Learning English is SO HARD!

Sometimes when you’re learning English, you probably get depressed and frustrated – you study so hard, but you just feel as if you aren’t improving. And sometimes the best thing to do when you feel like this is to give … Continue reading

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Word families

Having a good understanding of word families will help your comprehension and production skills – you should be able to make better guesses about what new words mean, and have a broader vocabulary base to choose from when you write … Continue reading

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Essential IELTS

If you’re getting ready to take the IELTS test, you know what stress feels like! Try not to spend your energy worrying though, because there is lots of help out there for you – and of course you need to … Continue reading

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