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Child Musical Prodigies

As an introduction, read a short list of child prodigies of the past and more recent years. For a real example of a child musical prodigy, have a look at TsungTsung – a 5 year old boy who plays the … Continue reading

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The story of The Jam

Have you heard of The Jam? Find out more about this British group – and improve your reading skills. Read the story of The Jam here, and then tell a friend or study partner about the group. See their discography … Continue reading

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Many tourists visiting London have Harrods on their list of ‘must do’ destinations. See what Trip Advisor has to say about it. Practise your reading skills and improve your vocabulary by finding out more about the famous store. Visit the … Continue reading

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A Typical Day

What’s a typical day for you? How many times in your life has your typical day changed? I expect your typical day when you were a child was different in term time and holiday time. Have you visited any other … Continue reading

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Making a research poster!

In your university and academic career, you will be asked to make a poster about your research. It’s a challenge to make a poster in your first language, and a bigger one in a second language! There is a lot … Continue reading

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April 23rd was Shakespeare’s birthday – and the day of his death – so why not have a go at understanding Shakespeare’s plays yourself? Romeo and Juliet might be the most famous of his stories – but do you also … Continue reading

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Are you an English teacher? The IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) conference is happening now – this year in Harrogate. If you aren’t there in person, you can still participate and enjoy the conference … Continue reading

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April Fools’ Day!

Were you fooled today? First of all, find out about the history of April Fools’ Day. The Guardian newspaper collected April Fools, and scroll down to read about even more! Also see the BBC collection from today. Look out for … Continue reading

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Listen to local radio

An easy way to improve your English is to listen to the radio. Intensive listening: to news items or interviews you can rewind and replay until you have understood the whole item. Immersive listening: have the radio on in the … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

First of all, practise your English here, on the topic of International Women’s Day: listening comprehension reading comprehension Next, improve your reading with some authentic texts: – Find out more about International Women’s Day here. – Why do we need … Continue reading

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