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Essential IELTS

If you’re getting ready to take the IELTS test, you know what stress feels like! Try not to spend your energy worrying though, because there is lots of help out there for you – and of course you need to … Continue reading

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Be happy (and practise your English!)

First of all, learn the words to the Pharrell song, Happy, and sing it to your friends, family and study partners. Next, here is a list of things you must do to be happy. Do them! When you have finished … Continue reading

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Test your verb tenses!

It’s always a good day to test your verb tenses. Have a go at these online tests, and most importantly, reflect on your results. What tenses do you struggle with? What tenses are you most confident with? How are you … Continue reading

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Short stories

Excellent reading practice, great for building vocabulary, seeing real English in context and hopefully fun, interesting and maybe inspirational! Before you start reading, make sure you’ve got a good dictionary ready to help out with new or forgotten words. For … Continue reading

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Hot English – free lessons for you

Hot English is an online magazine produced by a company based in Spain. It’s aimed at young(er) learners who want to improve their general English. Something you might like to do is subscribe to their monthly newsletter. It’s free, and … Continue reading

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