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Remember practice makes perfect!

Whatever you want to do...



1. Signs and notices

2. Street furniture

3. Glass ceiling

4. CEO material

5. Are you psychic?

6. Better late than never

7. Challenge yourself 1

8. Challenge yourself 2

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You'll find all different levels of practice, and all kinds of different aspects of English to practise.

Good luck!

Whatever you want to do...

Academic Word List:


1. Refugees of boom and bust

2. The Long News



Gap Fill:


1. ASBOs 1

2. ASBOs 2

3. Multiple intelligences 1

4. Multiple intelligences 2

5. Multiple intelligences 3

6. Bodysnatchers of Bangkok

7. Arthur's Seat


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If you can find a study partner, you will improve more quickly, but you can also work alone for success.


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1. Bodysnatchers of Bangkok

2. Countable and uncountable

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