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To make the most of your English skills, you need to practise.



Remember practice makes perfect!

Whatever you want to do...


1. DISCO 2000 (Pulp)

2. Norwegian Wood (The Beatles)

3. Something changed (Pulp)

4. Down in the tube station (The Jam)

5. If I fell (The Beatles)

6. Money money money (ABBA)

7. Ruby (Kenny Rogers)

8. Super trouper (ABBA)

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You'll find all different levels of practice, and all kinds of different aspects of English to practise.

Good luck!

Whatever you want to do...

Watch a short film, then answer the questions:

1. Jeans / Globalisation

2. Arthur's Seat

3. Badger watch

4. Bottlenose dolphins

5. Canals

6. Roman soldiers in Scotland

7. Edinburgh Castle

8. Garden Wildlife

9. Daddy's Home (Cliff Richard)

10. Just the way you are (Billy Joel)



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If you can find a study partner, you will improve more quickly, but you can also work alone for success.


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10. Introduing Muslim beliefs

11. Britain's demand for electricity

12. Out on a boat

13. Reporting a crime

14. Scotland and new technology

15. Church of Scotland

16. Viking dress

17. Addicted to gaming

18. Roman food

19. Does age influence voting?

20. Does ethnic origin influence voting?

21. Driving from Edinburgh to London

22. Climate change

23. Igneous landscapes

24. Mary Queen of Scots

25. Motivation cna do it in English! Click here to write in English
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