Pancake Day!

speaksmallTuesday March 4th is Pancake Day – or Shrove Tuesday.

Like any festival celebrated in English speaking countries, it’s a good chance to practise your speaking, listening and reading skills while expanding your vocabulary and learning something new.

First of all, practise your vocabulary and reading skills here with this worksheet.

If you are in London on Pancake Day, why not go and join in a special event? It’ll be a good chance to practise your listening and speaking skills.

Here is a lovely website made by Woodlands Junior School in England – find out about Pancake Day here – and look around the website, you’ll find lots of information about different festivals and traditions.

Traditionally in the UK we have lemon and sugar on our pancakes, and pancakes should be simple to make – but have a look at these tips to make sure your pancakes are perfect! And click here for more pancake recipes than you could ever cook!panakes

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