Northern soul in Japan

Shine like Tokyo – Northern Soul goes East!


If you like music, and you’re interested in culture, listen to this radio documentary.

It’s about the northern soul music and dance craze in Japan. The music comes from America, was very popular in the north of England, and now has made it to Japan!

Programme information:

“It’s 40 years since DJ Russ Winstanley unleashed the Wigan Casino on the world playing Northern Soul to thousands of young people in the club’s legendary all-nighters.

The 70s were the heyday of the music genre and the Wigan Casino even beat New York’s Studio 54 for title of Billboard Magazine ‘best disco in the world’ in 1978.

Northern Soul is often thought to be firmly rooted in place and time but four decades on from the opening of the Wigan Casino, Annie Nightingale discovers how it’s capturing the imagination of people as far east as Japan.

She looks back at the roots of Northern Soul before hearing from DJs spinning their discs in Kobe, a Northern Soul band in Tokyo and regulars at night spots in several Japanese cities.

Soulies in England and Japan reflect on what it is that helps them ‘keep the faith’ while Annie tries to work out if there’s a connection between the Northern England of the 70s and the Japan of 2013.”

Read more about the history of northern soul here:

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