Music and your brain!

music brain3When you listen to music, all sorts of things happen in your brain. You’re going to find out how, and I think you’ll be surprised! What surprising things do you think you might learn?

To get an overview of what happens in your brain, click here. Try and remember 3 or 4 in detail and tell a friend or study partner.


Listening to music has an impact on our brains, but playing an instrument has a greater one. Find our more about the science involved, and practise your listening and reading skills. First, watch the TED talk “How playing an instrument benefits your brain”

music brain2

Now you have watched, test your understanding.

Still interested? Find out more about the topic.

Encourage your study partner to watch the video, and have a discussion.

Is there anything you still want to know? Any questions? Fill any gaps in your knowledge.



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