Listening practice: podcasts!

A good way to practise your listening is to subscribe to one (or more!) podcasts. Choose a podcast on a topic you are interested in, and listen to it! Listen more than once, collect new words and practise your pronunciation. Make sure you understand enough of the podcast so that you can tell a friend or a study partner about it. If you have time, try and write down what you have heard word for word.

If you have a smartphone, get an App that will automatically download new episodes for you ( podcast addict )

Podcasts you might enjoy…

the moth – people telling true stories from their lives in front of a live audience.

James O’Brien’s mystery hour – a radio phone in show where callers ask and answer questions that intrigue them.

British Council have an archive of listening downloads for you, some with scripts. You can also subscribe.

Elementary level podcasts are also available.

And of course you can always rely on the BBC for a wide range of quality podcasts.

Good luck -and enjoy!



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