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local radioAn easy way to improve your English is to listen to the radio.

Intensive listening: to news items or interviews you can rewind and replay until you have understood the whole item.

Immersive listening: have the radio on in the background while you study, work or relax. Tune in to an English radio station while out walking or exercising.

Some suggestions:

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The BBC have local radio stations all over the UK. Find your BBC local radio station.

There are also commercial stations everywhere. One advantage of listening to a commercial station is the commercials! Every 20 minutes you’ll hear a set of commercials – or adverts –  and they are often the same ones, repeated, so you get lots of chances to understand what is said. Commercial radio stations you might like are…

Heart, Real, Capital, Kiss, Magic, and Smooth

Try them!local radio3
There are lots of other commercial radio stations, most of them let you listen online as well as on FM.

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Here’s a list of radio stations you can stream across Europe and beyond.

Good luck!

More ideas to help improve your listening skills here:

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