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Learning English is hard work – but watching a video is often relaxing! When you’ve finished a load of grammar exercises, read the newspaper in English and written your English essay, you probably want to take it easy. Here are some ideas for videos you can watch – they should be fun, but also help improve your English.


Mister Duncan starts here – he will help you with your speaking and listening. He has subtitles, so if you are lower level, you’ll be able to follow his lessons. His YouTube channel here has all his videos in one place.

A great place to start learning English with video is EngVid. Try this video about how to give advice, and then recommend the videos to your friends – using the language you have learned of course!

If you’re a beginner, then try this series from some very cheerful Americans – they start off with introductions, and you can follow the series at your own pace. If these presenters are too energetic for you, why not try English for You? Again, they start with introductions, and move on, so you can follow at the speed that suits you best.

videos2If you are more advanced, you can take advantage of the British Council videos designed for you. Each video comes with tasks, so you can check your understanding. You’ll also learn about British culture. If you’re more interested in business English, and using English at work, there’s a useful series here, again, there are tasks with each video to make sure you have understood.

videosVideo is a great place to find out more about English pronunciation. BBC Learning English has a series of videos to help you with all the difficult sounds of English. Expand your vocabulary and practise listening to the news in English here at Words in the News from BBC Learning English. Another great playlist of videos from BBC is Express Question – listen to native speakers answering simple questions and read the subtitles. Then take the questions to your friends and study partners, and start a conversation!


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