Jamie Oliver

jamie4Have you heard of Jamie Oliver? He’s a chef from London who’s written lots of recipe books and made a lot of TV series about cooking.  Have a look at Jamie’s website – get recipe ideas, find out about seasonal vegetables and even learn how to make some cocktails!

If you live in a British city, why not see if there’s a Jamie’s Italian restaurant nearby? It hasn’t got any Michelin stars, but you’ll be able to taste some of Jamie’s dishes.

Jamie Oliver also has restaurants called Jamie’s 15. He takes on young people who haven’t had any opportunities and who are finding life a struggle, and teaches them to work in his kitchen. He describes how it started – read the story and tell a study partner about it. Follow the story of some of the young men. Channel 4 hosts an outline of the TV series, read it as an introduction to the series. Watch a short film explaining the concept.

Find out what happened to those first chefs – how many of them are now working in Michelin Star restaurants?

jamie3One of Jamie Oliver’s most successful ideas was his 30 Minute Meals – three course meals you can make in only 30 minutes. Watch him making something delicious! Have a look at 5 recipes, choose one and try making all three courses in only half an hour.

If you couldn’t make the meal in 30 minutes, don’t worry – neither could some journalists!

And if 30 minutes is too long, see if you can find some recipes for meals that can be made in 15 Minutes! jamie

As well as making delicious meals himself, Jamie Oliver recently led a campaign that resulted in McDonald’s stopping the use of ‘pink slime’ in their burgers. What is ‘pink slime’?  Read the story about the campaign, and then check your understanding by watching this video:




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