House rules – modal verbs

rules3 First of all, check your grammar – review the use of modal verbs for obligation, and next test yourself here.

If you rent a room in your home to a lodger, or you need some writing practice, you might like to create your own legally-binding set of house rules – go to the legal site Rocket Lawyer!






If you have children in your home, have you got rules for them? Supernanny is a TV series about a nanny who goes and stays in homes where families are having problems with discipline. The nanny imposes some rules and teaches the parents how to enforce the rules. Watch the clip of Supernanny in action. Listen for modal verbs.

rulesHave you ever shared your home with a teenager? Or have you ever been one? Or do you plan to have teenagers living in your home at any point? You may well find this site useful – it suggests a number of house rules for teenagers!

Instead of a teenager at home, you might prefer to have a dog – they need rules too! – check out these rules for dogs!

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