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Many tourists visiting London have Harrods on their list of ‘must do’ destinations. See what Trip Advisor has to say about it.
Practise your reading skills and improve your vocabulary by finding out more about the famous store.harrods 3
Visit the official site here, look around the different departments and find out where the store is, and when it opens. Plan your visit to the store on the Visit London website here.


harrods 2Harrods is a luxury store: there is an urban spa inside – read about the beauty treatments on offer here. Harrods offers a personal shopper service – find out what means here. For the really big spenders, have a look at the luxury properties available at the Harrods Estate Agents. And read the newspaper article discussing all the different luxury goods that are available at Harrods.

Once you have done enough reading, you might want to ‘read’ some pictures. Check out the Harrods Pinterest page, and practise describing what you see.

harrodsIf you really LOVE what you see, perhaps you might consider working at Harrods. Find out what careers they offer here, and compare Harrods salaries with similar jobs here. If you’d like to work in the famous Harrods Food Hall, read the newspaper article about how staff are trained to improve their knowledge of gourmet food.

Or maybe what you have seen has simply inspired you to do more shopping. Try this website for ways of saving money by doing your shopping online.

You may be feeling a little uncomfortable after all this reading about shopping – perhaps the conspicuous consumption being promoted makes you feel empty rather than fulfilled. In which case, have a look at the Buddhist Centre, and find out about achieving contentment through meditation rather than spending.

And this video might be the perfect antidote…

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