Going camping

camping3Camping is a great cheap holiday – but you do need certain equipment and knowledge! Wherever you are planning to go camping, use your language skills to check you have everything you need.

You’ll need stuff! There’s a print out list for you to check off as you pack here. For vocabulary you don’t know, look for a picture of the item at the Go Outdoors website.

Here’s a handy list of advice for campers – especially useful if you’re going camping in America. More tips for first time campers in the States are here. Do you know what PB&J sandwiches are? Peanut butter and jelly – and jelly is what Americans call jam! If you want to avoid disaster (I expect you do!), this article addresses ten common mistakes first time campers often make!

camping2 You’ll need a destination! The Guardian has a list of the best beach campsites in the world, Bustle has a list of 25 campsites they want to go to, and Budget Traveller has a list of 27 spectacular campsites! I’d recommend camping in Scotland – you need to make sure you are prepared for all weathers – but the scenery is beautiful, the local people very hospitable, and there are no grizzly bears! Visit Scotland – the official tourist site – introduces camping in Scotland, and Scottish Camping has a directory of campsites. One of the many wonderful things about Scotland is that you are legally allowed to wild camp – to camp in a wild place, not only in campsites! You need to be aware of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code – check it out here, and when you’re ready to choose a destination, James Carron suggests his perfect places.



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