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If you’re getting ready to take the IELTS test, you know what stress feels like! Try not to spend your energy worrying though, because there is lots of help out there for you – and of course you need to spend all your energy getting ready for the test!

First of all, have you subscribed to the amazing Dominic Cole yet? yet? He’s also on Facebook:

He’s almost all you need for exam success! Look out for his lessons ; you can ask any question about IELTS on the forum ; and make sure you always check the Word of the Day.


For up-to-date exam information, always check the official IELTS site, and also visit the site  hosted by IDP – one of the organisations that administers the test.

The British Council is also an excellent source of information – have a look  at their suggestions for courses you can take with them. They are offering a free 10 hours online IELTS study.
ielts5IELTS is a specialised exam, but general exam preparation advice can also help.

There’s a lot of vocabulary and language you need to learn, and things like Mind Maps or Flashcards might help you. Exam Time is a blog aimed at helping you prepare for any exam – you might find something to help you. This newspaper article  also have something relevant for you, or this guide  from a university group might be better for you – and if there’s nothing to help you there, at least you’ve just done some reading practice and hopefully collected at least one new word!





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