Do it in English

Whatever you want to do, you can do it in English!

As a teacher of English as a foreign or second language, I noticed that the most successful students were often those who did things in English – perhaps listened to music, or read books in English, or followed a sport in English. They did what they enjoyed and were interested in, in English.

I started Do it in English to help students and learners of English to do just that – immerse themselves in English and practise their English in a way that engaged and interested them.

There is so much online to  help learners of English, but not all of it is good or easy for a non-native speaker to navigate. I wanted to collect the best of the internet in one place, so learners could be sure of finding something helpful, quickly and easily.

I hope learners can use Do it in English to practise their English, and that teachers also find it helpful. Enjoy!

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