Data analysis and SPSS!

SPSS2If you are in the middle of your master’s dissertation, you might be getting ready to do some data analysis using SPSS. If you’ve never used it before, it can be quite daunting. But there is lots of help available – and the best help is available in English, so you can practise your reading skills at the same time as learning more about SPSS!


A good place to start is this slideshow for an overview of SPSS and how it works. Next, watch the video:

Or you might prefer this video – especially if you are using questionnaires to collect your data:

When you’re ready to read about SPSS, start off here – a simple guide, and then move on to here – much more detail.

Somewhere else to look for help is the SPSS official website – you might find some of the Tutorials useful, or some of the videos interesting.SPSS

Good luck – you can do it!


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