Becoming an Adult

adultWhen we talk about becoming an adult, what do we mean? Is it the legal aspects of being an adult, or the emotional and psychological aspects? How do we know when we have crossed into adulthood?

Practice your reading skills on this topic.

adult4Are you an adult when you can legally vote? Is it when you can legally drink alcohol? Is it when you can legally drive a car? Or is it when you can legally marry? Or is it when you can legally work? Have a look at this study into different family structures around the world – does being an adult have something to do with where you are in your family structure?

adult5The Psychology Today blog has an article about being an adult emotionally – have a look and see if you agree.

Are there any rituals that you go through that make you an adult in your culture? BBC has a few videos of rituals around the world, and you can read about lots of other rituals here.

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