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The highest of the high!

First, get your grammar right: revise the basics of comparatives and superlatives  and then check your irregular comparatives and superlatives here. Check the Guinness Book of Records for the highest mountains. Next, delve a little deeper with geologists – is … Continue reading

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Survival skills (and modal verbs)

First, review modal verbs  – today you’ll need them to talk about ability, permission and instructions. The modal verbs are can, could, may, might, shall, should, will and would. We use can to talk about someone’s skill or general abilities: … Continue reading

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Talking about the future

You probably know all about using ‘going to’ to talk about something you intend to do, and using present continuous to talk about fixed arrangements or plans. Here’s a chance to have a look at all the different ways you … Continue reading

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Finished your Masters?

First of all, congratulations! You’ve worked very hard and probably can’t really believe it is all over! Make sure you spend some time celebrating and congratulating yourself on all your hard work. Well done! What next? You might want some … Continue reading

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Food and Films!

What’s your favourite film about food? Is your favourite on this list? Look at the list from Time Magazine, and watch the clips. Have you seen any of those films? If you don’t fancy watching a whole film, why not … Continue reading

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Jamie Oliver

Have you heard of Jamie Oliver? He’s a chef from London who’s written lots of recipe books and made a lot of TV series about cooking.  Have a look at Jamie’s website – get recipe ideas, find out about seasonal … Continue reading

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Child Musical Prodigies

As an introduction, read a short list of child prodigies of the past and more recent years. For a real example of a child musical prodigy, have a look at TsungTsung – a 5 year old boy who plays the … Continue reading

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Music and your brain!

When you listen to music, all sorts of things happen in your brain. You’re going to find out how, and I think you’ll be surprised! What surprising things do you think you might learn? To get an overview of what … Continue reading

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Musical instruments

Do you play a musical instrument? Which one? What’s the name in English? Check here in this picture dictionary. Listen to different musical instruments here, and find out more about the history of different instruments. Do you want to buy … Continue reading

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The story of The Jam

Have you heard of The Jam? Find out more about this British group – and improve your reading skills. Read the story of The Jam here, and then tell a friend or study partner about the group. See their discography … Continue reading

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