A Typical Day

typical day 2
What’s a typical day for you? How many times in your life has your typical day changed? I expect your typical day when you were a child was different in term time and holiday time. Have you visited any other countries and noticed any differences in people’s typical days?

A good topic for practising your speaking is to practise talking about your typical day. You can prepare by yourself, and then ask your study partner. To practise your writing, describe your typical day in an email to a friend.

Check the vocabulary you will need.

Go to British Council’s Premier Skills webstypical dayite to hear about footballers’ typical days. You can also read the transcript.

Then watch Victoria:

A good place to start is to read about some typical days.

Read about a typical day for an English schoolboy.

Compare it with a typical day for American high school students.

Read about teaching assistants working in New York City in the United States.

Also in the United States, read about the typical day of a woman who lives an organic lifestyle.

Contrast it with typical days in the lives of men and women in the Royal Air Force.


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