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Referencing and citation

You probably already know how important accurate referencing and citation is when you are writing your academic essays and assignments. If you’ve just started getting ready for your Master’s dissertation, be aware that being able to reference and cite fully … Continue reading

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Starting your Master’s Dissertation

At this time of year, thousands of students are embarking on a terrifying journey…. as they start thinking about their Master’s dissertation! If you’re studying for a Master’s in the UK, you may well have to write a dissertation as … Continue reading

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Sing it Kitty!

Everyone’s talking about an advert! Have you seen it – it features a singing cat? Have a look here! It’s an advert launched by mobile phone company Three – even though the advert doesn’t say anything about mobile phones! Previous … Continue reading

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TOEFL and TOEIC exam news

You may have seen the recent news about TOEFL and TOEIC exams organised by ETS, and you might be worried about what this means for you. A BBC TV programme sent undercover journalists into ETS to take exams – and … Continue reading

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English words from your language!

Are there any words in English that you find easy to remember because they are so similar to words in your language? It’s so much easier, isn’t it, when the words are almost the same? English has borrowed words from … Continue reading

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Northern soul in Japan

Shine like Tokyo – Northern Soul goes East! If you like music, and you’re interested in culture, listen to this radio documentary. It’s about the northern soul music and dance craze in Japan. The music comes from America, was very … Continue reading

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